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This hand-knotted Llanite mala promotes positivity and grounding.

Beads: 108 – 6mm beads
Primary bead:  Llanite
Accent bead: Ivory Jade
Primary Guru Bead: Smokey Quartz
Companion Guru Bead:  Magnesite

Attributes & Healing Properties
Llanite is a soothing stone that helps promote a positive outlook on life. It provides the grounding needed to assess different options and choose a way forward when pursuing new goals. Jade possesses five great virtues – wisdom, justice, modesty, courage, and purity.

Guru Beads
Smokey Quartz is one of the most powerful grounding and clearing stones. It can help to rebuild a connection with the earth, provide an outlet for excess energy, and re-establish a healthy energetic flow for the body. As a grounding stone, it can create a sense of calm and focus when we are feeling frantic, stressed, or restless. It is also a protective stone that takes negative environmental energy and redirects it towards the earth. Magnesite promotes spiritual and mental flexibility in the practice of unconditional love.

** As all Guru beads are unique, each will vary slightly in size, form and color. 

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