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This hand-knotted Haematite (Magnetic) mala brings energy and vitality into life.

Beads: 54 – 6mm beads
Primary bead: Haematite (Magnetic)
Accent bead: Mother-of-Pearl & Black Onyx
Primary Guru bead: Clear Quartz
Companion Guru bead: Haematite

Attributes & Healing Properties
Haematite enhances the pursuit of life goals and improvement of life situations. It is a restorative stone increasing vitality, energy and dynamism. Haematite is the most powerful grounding stone and is the best tool to unite the spiritual self to the physical self. This gemstone contains both male and female polarities that represent a balanced energy of natural opposites; yin and yang, light and dark, body and soul. Mother of Pearl is a protection shell that helps bring stress relief, relaxation and calm. It helps in the balance and harmonization of emotions. Black Onyx boosts confidence and the sense of responsibility.

Large Guru bead
Known as a master healer, clear Crystal Quartz stimulates the immune system, balances the body and brings clarity. 

** As all Guru beads are unique, each will vary slightly in size, form and color. 

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