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This hand-knotted White Moss Agate mala brings mental balance and fortitude.

Beads: 108 – 6mm beads
Primary bead: White Moss Agate
Accent bead: Carnelian
Primary Guru bead: Smokey Quartz
Companion Guru bead: Carnelian

Attributes & Healing Properties
Moss Agate is a phenomenal meditation stone when searching for the cause of a problem and to gain the motivation and persistence to deal with it. This gemstone emanates vibrations of balance and stability and is extremely beneficial for anyone recovering from illness or recovering from addiction. Moss Agate can be of great assistance for those that suffer from mood swings or fiery temperaments to find patience and inner calm. Learning to master inner conflict can bring the growth and persistence to then deal with external life challenges. Carnelian is a phenomenal stone for meditation when seeking to conceptualize and put into action a strategy towards specific goals. This stone enhances our innate qualities of courage and leadership and promotes the willpower needed to make major life changes and forge a new path. Carnelian can also provide a boost to sexuality, passion and creative energies.

Large Guru bead
Smokey Quartz is one of the most powerful grounding and clearing stones by helping the connection with the earth, giving excess energy a proper outlet and re-establishing a healthy energetic flow for the body. As a grounding stone, it can help when we are feeling frantic, stressed and restless and create a sense of calm and focus. 

** As all Guru beads are unique, each will vary slightly in size, form and color. 

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