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This hand-knotted Blue Goldstone mala is a powerful gemstone for clarity, self-acceptance and calm.

Beads: 54 – 6mm beads
Primary bead:  Blue Goldstone
Accent bead: Opalite
Primary Guru bead: Clear Quartz
Companion Guru bead: Magnesite

Attributes & Healing Properties
Wearing or carrying Blue Goldstone can help reveal negative lifestyle patterns or habits and influence better choices both personally and interpersonally. Blue goldstone is believed to increase self-acceptance and soothe hypersensitivity. Opalite is a calming and balancing stone that assists greatly with communication skills.

Large Guru bead
Known as a master healer, clear Crystal Quartz stimulates the immune system, balances the body and brings clarity. 

Companion Guru bead
Magnesite promotes spiritual and mental flexibility while maintaining our own values. It enhances the ability to live in the moment and let events take their natural course.

** As all Guru beads are unique, each will vary slightly in size, form and color. 

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